Weight of the world on my back and shoulders!!!!!

May 31, 2016 | | Say something

Can a man become a different man? Yeah as a matter of fact he can whether it be for the good or the bad!  Along time ago i was broken in life and part of me just gave up and I definitely became a different man for the worse.  I kept using my sorrows to justify my bullshit, and I kept adding pain on top of pain just so i could keep doing what i was doing.  There’s a time in life when u have to call yourself on your own shit, meaning point that same finger at yourself that u been pointing at everyone else.  And yes it will hurt to admit all your wrongs and what needs to be changed, but how many of us actually have the heart and balls to do so?  My life has been a real journey and lately I’ve bee reevaluating my life and u know what; the lord aint been too bad to me.  I’m not getting religious and start preaching to ya’ll but i finally pointed the finger at myself, called myself on my shit and realized that by the grace of God some of the terrible things that happen to many of my friends and family didnt happen to me, no I am not happy in anyway that my close ones had to go through these ordeals but i am glad that they have shared some of these private times with me!  No matter how bad u got it someone always has it worst than u!!!  U can cry and plea that no one understands but what about the souls that have had it worst than u!!!  I realized a while back that my most positive possessions are my strength, athleticism, my heart and my reason!   Forget the strength and athleticism for now, and lets stick with the heart and reason, I believe that god blessed me with a gift of understanding and soul so that I was blessed to share some of these humanitarian making  and soul humbling moments that my people choose to share with me.  I thank god again for blessing me with the friends I rock with!!!  Now remember I said most people cant point the finger at themselves so let me lead by example:  I’m a procrastinator, I like toking herb, i love drinking beer and vodtka, I get sloppy and unorganized when im not in a sober state of mind!!!  BAM, and what fools, thats right i said it!  But let me get some positive in there: my heart is good (it’s also my weakness), I ride for my friends at any given notice, I love my culture and who the hell I am, and I am a strategic scrap battling fighting black bastard!!!  I can and will put your weight on my back, I got yo back  through thick and thin, just let your sorrows rest with me!  I am glad that God has given me the life that he has and to all the people that i love all of u are the reason m heart still beats, u have become my world, and i am more than happy to put the weight of your world on my back and shoulders!!!  To carry your weight I have to be strong and endured with passion, fight, and training.  Well all my people that believed in me even when I didnt, to those of u who took me in when i was down and out, to those of u that loved me just because u saw that boy needs love; I TRULY LOVE YOU ALL and today’s workout is dedicated to u!!!  On another note the Elite Athlete has added the ESPN news feed to our page, scroll down on the left hand corner and its entitled “NEWS FEED”  Good training to all, and to all a good fight!!!

Choose 3 of these stretch movements to warmup example: press up for 30 seconds and do 2-3 sets.

WARM UP STRETCHES (pick 2-3 of these movements and warm up for 2 sets of 30 seconds)



        Pull up

          Shoulder press

Pull up 3 max
Deadlifts 3 10,8,6
Romanian Deadlift 3 12
Pulldowns 3 8
Standing dumbell press                 3 10
Lateral raise 3 12
Shrugs 2 5

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