Plyometric Outline and Circuit

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This workout is a plyometric outline and circuit.  There are 3 phases your gonna go through.  The first phase agility which is needed for full body and core strength and fast twitch muscle fibers.  The second phase is explosion which is needed for pure power and fast twitch muscle fibers stimulation in order to incorporate explosion in your arsenal.  The third phase is mobility which is needed for balance, orthodox, and unorthodox methods.  When I say unorthodox methods heres an example: place a chair in the middle of the room and hop around it on one foot in a forward motion, then hop backwards on that same foot in a backwards motion to complete the set.  This gives u balance and good muscle memory to make your muscles confident so when your balance is challenged you’ll be ready!  Good training to all, and to all a good fight!!!

 Front Squat and Press

  Jump Ropes

   Box Jumps

    Squat Jumps


      Broad Jumps


Plyometric Outline and Circuit

I.)  Agility

A.  Front Squat and Press

B.  Jump Ropes

C.  Box Jumps

II.)  Explosion

A.  Jump Squats

B.  Medicine Ball Slams

C.  Inverted Rows/Pull-ups

D.  Broad Jumps

III.)  Mobility

A.  Lateral Jumps

B.  Balance Ball

C. Unorthodox Jumping Methods

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