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When i was a kid i was at a night club in New Haven, CT with my friends and at the end of the night the dj introduced then new song “Yo” by Chris Brown. I remember feeling the beat, the moment, the lyrics, and then i saw her. Our eyes met and my smile lit up the whole room!  I couldn’t believe how pretty she was and even more i couldn’t believe that she was smiling back almost as hard as i was!!! She (let’s call her Ms X) was a famous dj and club promoter. She had long natural hair, eyes like a river that ran across the room to meet mine by the bayou lol (corny bastard) and smooth almond honey skin. Her smile was the purest and prettiest thing i believe I’ve ever seen!  I didn’t care that she was ms x because i had to make that smile mine!  She was an absolute sweet soul, u could see it in her eyes and her heart. I tried to walk towards her and got stopped by a big ass bouncer, but she smiled and gave me a cute lil hand wave and went on to handle her business. Fast forward a few weeks I was sitting at the bar by the dj booth when i noticed a group of people looking my direction and they all were kinda smirking and dead in the middle there she was.  The group of people ms x was with were also promoters and obviously they noticed my goofy ass from before.  Our eyes met once again and my smile made me look like a fool but she was smiling back at this fool almost as hard as i was at her.  I got up with the quickness and she watched me as i took my happy ass and pounding heart across the room. Later on that night i bumped into one of her friends and the damn girl looked at me, eyes lit up and she grabbed me by the hand without hesitation and walked me straight to da got damn dj booth. And u know what my stupid ass did when i finally got close up on the pretty smile of ms x, i asked the girl for her autograph and looked like a complete jackass for all the world to see lmao.  But a few weeks later a brother redeemed himself you see at the time i was in college and i was accepted to SAE sound audio and engineering school because i wanted to produce and mix music (right up her ally). To make a long story short i kept my composer this time and approached her with a nervous confidence and asked her if i could intern with her for school and to my suprise she said yes! The next day i went to see my boy mikey and told him about my accomplishments, my brother was SOOO PROUD of me for that and he hugged me like i was never gonna see him again and i didn’t. U see mikey was addicted to heroin and he overdosed that night. I decided i was gonna represent for the both of us and make this happen.  I remember the night i was to start the internship was the night after mikeys funeral and right before i walked into the club i looked at my phone and ironically it was a voicemail from mikeys dad and u hear the sorrow in his voice as he’s trying to tell me that my brother from another passed away!  The lord works in mysterious ways, so crazy right. I never felt more determined in my life and i had to make this internship work.  But it never happened. I think i was too goofy for the pretty smile to take seriously, and i don’t hold that against u ms x. I was a stupid kid who saw a pretty smile and wanted to make it ALL MINE!  Not too long after that i pretty much gave up on the music industry and stopped going out on a regular basis. But then came up my lil cuz’s birthday and she was hosted vip at that damn club about a year later. I was sitting at a table tryin to play the role of incognegro lol and i felt someone looking at me, and yep u guessed right it was ms x. She was smirking and watching closely, so i got my black ass up and ran to the other side of the club. I kept thinking “how da hell did dis woman know it was me” so then i saw  group of guys i knew and i hid in he pack as we walked across the club and she had still been watching me, not too subtle but it was obvious. She actually remembered me and sweetly acknowledged me and nodded her head at me. What a stupid kid i was lol. In all reality ms x, i hope from the deepest parts of Carl tart heart that God has blessed u with a man who holds u in his arms and looks to the sky and thanks the good lord for every last damn hug! I hope that fool opens doors for u, cooks for u on occasion, rubs your feet, as u lay  cuddle with him that he smells the essence of your sweet scent and hair, talks to u when  need  friend, takes u on long walks, pulls out your chair at restaurants, gazes at your pure eyes, tell u that he can’t bare the thought of life without u, and he makes u smile harder than my kool-aid CHEESE at u lol!!! God has given u a beautiful life and i hope he blesses u with an even better soulmate. Missed opportunity because i had to be goofy and wanted the pretty smile. Lol u gotta be able to laugh at your younger self.  I vowed from that moment on to never be weak, unprofessional, or just plain stupid!!!  I said the next time this chick sees me im gonna be diesel as hell, sexy and cool.  Use this to motivate yourself when your in the gym or lol in love!!!  Well  ms x today’s workout is dedicated to u, kiss my ass lady lol!  R.I.P. Michael Paul Atwater, my brother from another mother of a different color, and boy i love ya!!!  Good training to all, and to all  good fight!!!!

Medicine Ball Slams 3 8
Medicine Ball Planks 3 30 seconds
Tire Flips 3 5
Medicine Ball Side Toss 3 10 each side
Sledge Hammer Tire Drills 3 10 each side
Kettle Bell Swings 3 10
Burpees 3 10

  Tire flips



   Kettle bell swings


    Med ball slams

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