Mayweather Vs. Mcgregor: I Am KING!!!

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This that I have put together on my post is who I want to be, and this is an example of an mma fighter/combat sport diet and training regimen.  I love the physical world all the way from sports medicine to sports rec, rehab and corrective exercises and all that good stuff.  I am King when I get to the iron room, I am King when I prep each meal to feast as a king, I am King just mother fuckin because.  Good training to all, and to all a good fight!!!


What Is A Sports Dietitian/Nutritionist

  • The Sports Dietitian provides individual and group/team nutrition counseling and education to enhance the performance of competitive and recreational athletes, on-site and during travel. Primary responsibilities include counseling individuals and groups on daily nutrition for performance and health; translating the latest scientific evidence into practical sports nutrition recommendations; tracking and documenting outcomes of nutrition services, serving as a food and nutrition resource for coaches, trainers, and parents; providing sports nutrition education for health/wellness programs, athletic teams, and community groups; and maintaining professional competency and skills required for professional practice.









  • Chart intake of protein in grams per day
  • MMA fighter needs 2 grams of protein per pound
  • MMA fighter has nutritional guidelines similar to collegiate wrestlers
  • If only doctor recommended anabolic steroids then you need 2-4 grams of per pound
    • Ex: 250-pound athlete-off season = 500 g of protein + 2-5-gallons of water per day
    • Ex: 140-pound athlete-off season = 280 g of protein + 1.5 gallons of water per day
  • Proper nutrition intake every 2-3 hours refuel with small meals/protein shake
  • Sodium and drugs are most common reason for holding water
  • Diuretics: supplement that promotes the production of urine, so its easier to lose water weight. Diuretics have also been linked to several deaths, and if you mix this supplement with sports drinks like PowerAde etc. then you are at greater risk.
  • Early morning conditioning has had positive affects when refueling with warm milk and whey protein



Typical Strength & Conditioning Circuit Training

Medicine Ball Slams 3 8
 Medicine Ball Planks 3 30 seconds
Tire Flips 3 5
Medicine Ball Side Toss 3 10 each side
Sledge Hammer Tire Drills 3 10 each side
Kettle Bell Swings 3 10
Burpees 3 10

Tire Flips

Sledge hammer drills

Kettlebell swings


Monitor Fat Intake

40 grams of fat times 9 calories per gram = 40 X 9 = 360 Calories


  • When preparing for a competition the fat should be reduced in accordance with the following protocol. Rule of fat reduction to reduce fat for someone who is dieting down for a match. This is an example of someone who weighs 200 pounds and has been eating 40g of fat per day in the off-season.


Rule Fat Reduction Less Calories
10 weeks out reduce fat intake by 50% 20g less 180 calories
6 weeks out reduce fat intake by an additional 50% 10g less 90 calories
4 weeks out reduce fat intake by 50% 5g less 45 calories
2 weeks out reduce fat intake by an additional 20% 1g less 9 calories


Monitor Water Intake

Controlling water is of simple and effective way of dropping weight. The high protein intake by the MMA athlete requires is approximately 1 gallon of water for every 100 g of protein per day. This is maxed out at approximately 2-3 gallons per day. The water is tapered off quickly to force the body to remove water.

The following is a simple mechanism for removing excess body water prior to any fight. This is the safest way to remove excess water and is permissible by the MMA federations.

Simple Steps For Water Example Of Water Intake
Drink 1 gallon/100 grams of protein per day At times fighters will mix enzymes in
1 day before weigh-in/drink 75% less water 1 gallon
Must be completely consumed
12-18 hours prior the weigh in.


Training & Nutrtion Schedule


11:00 AM MMA Sparing


Making Weight

  • If followed correct schedule fighters should be on point
  • Fighters can be fined from 10-20% purse money for not making weight




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