Just A Sweet Sista!!!

Nov 28, 2016 | | Say something

When I was a young boy I fell in love for the first time, well I fell more in lust for an older cougar who took me on a wild ride. The Aftermath of everything was that I was left torn. Sometimes God puts excess nutrients on your platter just so he can see what you’ll do with it. Some of the food on the platter may be things u don’t necessarily like but they are good for u.  So instead of avoiding the bland tasting things maybe u should learn to eat them first, in other words don’t necessarily always go for the plate presentation but choose the food that’s important for a lifetime. The same applies to people, don’t always choose beauty over soul!!! Now my homegirl Monica had a pure soul and beauty, after I got my little heart broken Monica (and Buddha) took me under her wings and treated me like a little brother. There wasn’t nothing I couldn’t talk to her about and she understood her lil bro!!!  Monica and Shivone (AKA budda) became my sisters for life through that bond, we all stayed close too.  Well not too long ago Monica passed away and left me broken.  Me, Budda, and Monica would stay in touch well me and Monica more than budda because she had another kid and she moved to the other side of town but the love was still there.  Listen good people, there is no escaping reality and the truth!  When I got to monica’s funeral, let me start off with saying this: I knew I was going to a funeral, I knew Monica was gone, and I knew I had to see her family at the services but when I saw her layed out I was like “Monica’s DEAD!!!” and I was in disbelief and I got scared and angry in that same moment.  I knew Monica’s family was right to my left but I didn’t want to look at them, I didnt want to look at Ashley (monica’s lil sister), Kenya (her daughter), or Ms Stacey (monica’s mom) and I ran out of the church!!!  Well I thought I could drink away my pain and laugh it all of while getting my sip on and listening to youtube lol.  But God got me!  Let me explain, while I was drinking and listening to music a song by Musiq Soulchild came on (u and me against the world) it was a song she dedicated to her and her daughter’s father when they were going through hard times, and I lost it, I cried and balled my eyes out for almost an hour and I was apologizing to Monica for running and I kept thinking I aint never gonna see that sweet sista again (and budda and Monica used to say i needed to toughen up lol)!  There’s no running from the truth and eventually God will get u for thinking u can escape emotion because u physically subtracted yourself from an element. RIP Monica Jackson u were just a sweet girl.  Good training to all, and to all a good fight!!!

Tire Flips  3-5  5
Sledge Hammer  3-5  5ea
Dumbell Rows  3-5  8ea
Interval Sprints  3-5  30sec. like uphill


   Dumbell rows

    Tire flips

     Interval runs

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