The Greatest Patient Of All Times LOL

Dec 2, 2017 | | 4 comments

I was asked if I could be like anyone ever whether they still be existent on this earth or not.  Most people would think I would say someone extra tough and manly like George Jowett, Ronnie Coleman, Jim Stoppanni etc. But it wouldn’t even be a man it would be 3 particular women. The first woman was my Aunt Clair, she was what every young black woman should take pride in becoming The BACKBONE! Aunty would take in any soul of the street and feed them, clothe them, and even more important love them and prayed for them after they were gone. I used to stop to the hospital to see her whenever she got sick because she did have a heart condition. In the end Aunty went like a soldier and just wanted to leave things in tack when she was gone. Clair Woods I miss u like no tomorrow and I am glad that a lot of your good and strong spirit rubbed off on me, I love u Aunty.

The next woman is my Godmother Ethel. Now my God mommy is still alive lol and nothing can kill her will, drive and determination. My God mother has multiple degrees in all different types of fields as well as having plenty of Masters Degrees, and Masters in Science. This poor woman came all the way to CT from Georgia to find a new life and made it happen for her children. My God Mother had I believe 12 kids total and she grinded everyday like there was no tomorrow and she barely slept. My big brothers and sisters would probably get a kick out of this but I remember sitting at the edge of the table when my brothers would be eating and my greedy ass just gazing at their plates. After they would raise their bowl to drink the leftover milk from the Capn Crunch with their elbow they would slide me the edges of their peanut-butter samiches lol and my God mommy always got a kick out of that. I also remember she had an adoptive daughter Angie, but unfortanatley when I was about 5 Angie was riding her bike and slipped on some wet leaves and poor Angie got killed by a truck. My big sisters wouldnt believe me if I said this to them but Angie would come to me in my dreams and sometimes she still does. Angie never speaks to me anymore but she just stares and smirks at her kid brother and knods her head at me to let me know that she is proud of me, I love u Angie. I’m glad my God mother’s strong drive and work ethic rubbed off on me, and I can’t wait to see everybody again so all them crazy girls can jam in the family Soul Train line LMAO.

The last woman is my grams. Actually she’s my best friends Lance’s grandmother and for some reason she loved her black grand son just as much as any of her biological grands. We first started out as friends and I would stop by when L was in the bang and check up on her. She had this crazy dream about me and I just couldn’t beat the karma. The lord works in mysterious ways because ironically 2 of my brothers had the same dream about me and I didn’t even tell Lance my plans. So u know what the sweet old lady did, she gave me $1000 and told me not to pay it back but in return just stay out of the streets. DEEP! She would have Lance track me down wherever I was to make sure I had food, money, and my phone was on lol. She used to get sick a lot and I would go to St. Rapheals Hospital to visit and sit with her (man I miss those times). There was this doctor named something like Jergassen and my damn grand mama used to call the man Dr. Peter Jerk-Off lol. That poor man would always try to be so professional and would almost end up in tears laughing at my grams. Out of all the visiting I did with grams I realized my soul toughened up as well as my strength levels in my exercises. My brain became more sharp and my will had more drive. I realized that my grams was one of the toughest people to ever walk this earth! Grams I’m glad your strong spirit and toughness rubbed off on me and I am finally doing what I need to do. Thank u for everything, I love and miss u Grams.

Well I’m a bit emotional now and I’m gonna call it a day, but just love those next to u while u still can. ALSO MAKE SURE U CHECK OUT MY BOY PATTY J’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Good training to all, and to all a good fight!!!

Seated barbell curls 3 6
Standing Dumbell curls 3 12
Hammer curls 3 10
Smith machine throw curls 3 10

Power shrugs
Military press
Med ball push ups

Stair master

Romanian deadlift
Oblique twist
Ab wheel
Toe reaches
Clean jerk
Clean press


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