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Jun 21, 2016 | | Say something

I recently asked a friend of mine at work her opinion on marketing my site to the female fanbase, and funny she told me to do an article for the sports moms like the soccer moms just women who have kids involved in sports in general.  Good topic Kassandra, she told me that she drove her son to football camp out of town so it was pointless for her to go back home then she said”and u know what my fat ass did, i went to Dairy Queen” lol.  I really appreciate Kassandra for given me some new insight on how to view things that was sticking out in my face and I didnt even see it.  I work at a community house/daycare and all the time I see moms picking up their little ones and rushing to get the bigger siblings to practice, and ironically i didnt think of this on my own lol!!!  There are so many different exercises that u can utilize while watching your kid get a workout lol. In this version is a continuous circuit that u can use at your discretion. The circuit will involve stretch band workouts, kinesiology  stretch methods, and resistance band workouts.  So choose 2 of each kind and mix it up over time, here’s an example.  If your just starting off then go light but work smart so beginers 2-3 rounds and between 15-20 second intervals, intermediate 3-4 rounds, 30-45 seconds intervals, and advanced 4-6 rounds 45-60 seconds intervals

Kinsiologal stretches  2-3  15 secs
Resistance Band curls  2-3   15 secs
Resistance Band Shoulder Press 2-3   15 secs
Planks  2-3   15 secs
Side Planks  2-3   15 secs


At the bottom of the page I have provided a chart so u can track your workouts and so u have an awareness to know when to change up your workout.  Well Kassandra today’s workout is dedicated to u (Good Looking out girl)!!!  Good training to all, and to all a good fight!!!










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