Elements of hip hop and Fitness

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I remember wherever I went my old school tape player walkman went with me whether it be work, school or the gym. I needed music to play out my day, like when I would be going through an “emotional rollercoaster” (song by Vivian Green) with a female I would play the song Emotional Rollercoaster, I Gotta Go I Gotta Leave (also Vivian Green), and Encore (Jay-Z). I would play them in that exact order like an app for a playlist lol. Music in general would smooth me out but there was nothing like hip hop. I had a weight bench that was given to me by my neighbor Chris and my other neighbor and one of my best friends Mike gave me some more weights, a copy of Jeet Kun Do by Bruce Lee, and a shoe box full of different fitness articles. I would be lifting and reading making sure I performed each exercise with precise execution and at the same time on my mom’s computer streaming 50cent “In da club” Eminem “Til I collapse”, Gangstar “Full clip” etc. Lol me lifting and playing DJ was some of the best times. I read about this Greek philosopher Plato had a theory like “music for the mind, gymnastics for the body” and I feel him on that.  I need the music to soulfully take me to a place I needed to be, like sometimes my happy ass will be walking and get to listening to some hardcore hip hop and it’ll get my ass to the gym!  Another day I might be being lazy and maybe taking it easy and listening to something like Gangstar “I got discipline” and I might not hit the gym but I’ll go tot the park and set myself up a strength and conditioning circuit mixed with tri-sets, fight conditioning, core, agility, and explosion/power.  I call this Tri_Elite Techniques, usually I do it for 3-5 rounds and I go from one circuit to the next and spend about 30-45 secs on each exercise.  So the music always inspires me to get me where I need to be.  Hip hop as a movement has been quite different from the art I fell in love with.  Lyricism was meant to endure, empower and improve us as a culture and movement, not to be spit by every last jackass that can put a sentence together.  Back in the day it was all original and today it’s all used.  A lot of music sounds the same like it’s unoriginal and this new breed of writers can’t seem to find their own trend and bite one the greats and teaches other jackasses the same shit.  Old school hip hop:

-The mic/emceee

-The dancers/crowd

-The beat

-The swag

The DJ 

In today’s error of hip hop some of the artist might have a piece of the swagger but not the whole package, fuck that.  I need my music so at times to do what I gotta do, so if I’m listening to it it has to have meaning and soul.  Don’t be trying to sound or act like nobody else.  My walkman, my Tri_Elite techniques and soul was all I needed to survive.  During this circuit I would listen to all kinds of good stuff, but there was nothing like hip hop.  It helped me form my body and gave me more visual to use the physical world around me  Good training to all, and to all a good fight!!!

Dips 3 21
Push ups 3 10
Resistance band skull crush 3 8
Pull ups 3 3
30 jabs 30 crosses 3 30 each
Box Jump on bench 3 3
Crunches 3 10
Squats 3 6
*after hitting triceps go directly into this circuit, do everything back to back only resting between stations, adjust reps as needed.  90 secs rest between each fully completed round


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