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Believe it or not before I got my ISSA certification, before I started my blog, just before in general lol I used to work at Red Robin in the Milford Post Mall in Milford, CT.  A long the way I met some cool people and one that really stood out was this kid I had seen in the newspaper before.  I Kept saying to myself “I know this kids face” lol!!!  Now as many of u know I am a sports freak all the way from high school athletes to the pros, and this young man happened to be a local high school athlete from Law High School in Milford, CT.  His Name is Derek Marsette, and this kid was an phenomenal All-State Wrestler out of Law High school.  Me and this dude use to sports debate for hours on our shifts, I remember him come flying off the line to show me YouTube videos of recent NAGA (North American Grappling Association) events and write ups of the wrestlers that where All-Area and All-State lol.  This kid was cool as they come, but now the knuckle head kid is a solid, mature man!!!  I just happened to be looking at District Gym training on Facebook and low and behold my man Derek lol!!!  When I was looking at their page MAN theses fools will kill ya lol (tough training baby)!!!  Excellent means of communication and translation so it’s nice and explanative to their clients.  While waiting to interview there head trainer I was watching their Crossfit session (DAMN!!!!) and every last soldier in that class was nothing but explosive and passionate about the workout and that my friend is how a training should be.  In order to be a fitness advocate u must be able to communicate with your audience and that they do!

Big Start: When Derek Marsette was in middle school he played football and actually only weighed 109lbs and the coach’s son knocked him on his ass and it gave him the kick in the ass he needed.  He started lifting in high school where he picked up wrestling and incorporated strength and conditioning and he still trains today.  Transition to wrestling: biggest and strongest in his weight class also was an All State pick in CT high school wrestling, also being named to the All SCC (Southern Conn Conference) team, New Haven Register All-Area Team.  After high school he started to go to college for Exercise Science but instead opted out for the Army.  After the Army he landed a job at Red Robin where he me a gentlemen named Scott and he simplifiled it to Marsette “You may know how to workout in a gym, but do u know how to move in a gym”.  It made Marsette ponder and go out to seek new knowledge.  Since that time he’s held personal training positions at The Edge fitness, Mojo’s and now District Training in New Haven, CT.


Certs: Marsette holds certifications in NSCA (National Strength & Conditioning Assoc) Certified Personal Trainer Cert.  Enrolled in NASM (National Assoc of Sports Med) Corrective Exercise Specialist and a Strength Coach as well with NASM.  He preaches a specific 3 practices with his  athletic pitch:

1. No pain no gain

2. Balance & Agility

3. Correct form & Safety


As far as specific age groups Marsette does not have any one particular group that he likes to target, but if he sees an area where someone might need help then he’s all for it, and he designs a program specifically for each individual.  And the most of his clientele are women because men have too much pride lol, yeah we usually think we can do it all on our own but its someone else who’s workout we are actually doing.  In other words don’t be afraid of sekking knowledge or change bro because u didn’t invent the push-up exercise u just enhanced it to adjust to u!

Market:  Referred strategy is what works best as far as him getting more clients and he tells his clients that he is going to give them 100%!!!  Hand to hand networking provides high quality and he stays active in his clients lives without being too evasive.  If people know of your knowledge then they will seek your knowledge as well as pay for it lol.  Marsette relies on word of mouth, a little bit of social media, and walk-ins.

Big Move:  The Gym plans to move across the street to another but bigger location and they’ll be offering :

  • Crossfit
  • Yoga
  • Olympic
  • Weight Lifting
  • Personal training

Future:  Just be able to take of his family.  He’d love to have a hand in public speaking, and creation and development in more gyms personal training.  Marsette would also like to start a program for troubled young men that are looking to get into fitness biz and training, what a good fuckin dude!  Looks to create jobs for the community.  Longterm: SKIES THE LIMIT!!!

Well Mr. Marsette and District Training, if u have good folks like my boy Derek in that gym and some of the other inspiring trainers I met that day then there should be more gym communities like YOU and todays workout program is dedicated to YOU!!!  Good training to all, and to all a good fight!!!

You can visit District gym at 1175 State T. New Haven, CT

       Med ball push up

        Spiderman push up

         Power/clap push ups

          Incline dumbbell

           Inline dumbbell flies

            One leg stair raises

             Box jumps

              Seated calf raise

               Lying leg curl

                Pull ups


                  Barbell rows

                    Leg press

                     Jump Squats

Functional Flexing

Arm Circles

Arm swing

Walking Lunge

Running butt kick

Lying Scorpion

Incline Dumbell press/ dumbell flies 3 5ea
Med ball push ups 2 8
Power/clap push ups 2 6-8
CALVES 3 15, 15, 20
One leg stair raises 3 10
Box jumps 3 20, 5jumps
Seated calf raise/depth jumps
Lying leg curls 15
Standing Leg curls 3 20
Ham Bridges 3 5
Front Squats 2 5
Inverted Rows/pull ups 3 8, 3
Deadlifts 3 8
Barbell rows 3 12
Dumbell power rows 3 6
Squats 3 10
Leg press 3 5
Jump squats 3 8
Cloes grip bench press 3 8
Rope pushdowns 3 12
One arm extensions 3 10
Power Diamond push ups 2 8
Seated barbell curls 3 6
Standing Dumbell curls 3 12
Hammer curls 3 10
Smith machine throw curls 3 8
Power shrugs
Military press
Med ball push up

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