Confront Stress & Give Stress A Real Confrentation

Nov 26, 2016 | | Say something

Some days are just better than others!!! At times we as humans don’t know how to handle stress and we create confrontation with others and ourselves without even realizing the outcome. Sometimes we let family, friends, coworkers and all other judgmental minds control our actions. Well I say the hell with that!!! I’m not gonna let u or anybody else ruin my good spirit!  I’ve had problems in the past that I didn’t create but I sure as hell finished them.  The other day I had a run in with someone who I highly respect but at that moment the respect wasn’t mutual, this person brought outside problems into our inner circle. And yes I felt bad afterwards because I didn’t want to be the one to set this person straight, but I sure did!!  I refuse to be a stepping stone or a punching bag for someone emotional problems that they should’ve faced head on. The point is don’t let someone stress u to the point that u take it out on the innocent instead of the guilty.  When I finally calmed down I realized that I was once similar to that, I mean I didn’t verbally attack innocent people but I held things in too much. Aww hell no, no more of that for me, I would truly and honestly rather  die like a stand up man than live like a humble coward.  Not saying that there’s anything wrong with being humble but I gotta be a man that say what he gotta say!  Biting my tongue just doesn’t work anymore, I refuse to be victim to anyone in this physical world, sorry but I got to go round for round with u. But at the end of all my rage, all of my ranting I realize that she’s only human just like me. This is an intense circuit triggered to get all that stress off u, do between 3-5 rounds and on the exercises like battle ropes, heavy bag, speed bag do 30-45 seconds for each one.  To properly recover and relax take a hot/cold bath to relax your muscles.  Good training to all and to all a good fight!!!

Push ups 3-5 10
Squats  3-5 10
Speed Bag  3-5 30 sec
Heavy Bag  3-5 30 sec
Battle ropes  3-5 30 sec

  speed bag

   battle ropes

-hit the bags

-hot cold bath

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