Canelo Vs. GGG & Winter Time Mass Gains

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  1. I can’t wait to see who will rain middle king and official lineal champ.  It’s Saul “Canelo” Alverez vs. Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin (GGG).  Part of me thinks Canelo is gonna stick it to him and purely out box Golovkin, then part of me wonders if Canello will make it out the first 3 rounds because Golovkin has the ability, hand speed and pure knock out power.  Ggg has an 89% ko ratio while Canelo has a 69% ko ratio. The WBC, WBA, IBF, and ring mag belts are all on the line and up for grabs.  Debate with me on who you feel will take the title of lineal champ.  It’s 50-50 to mee I’m not too sure who the hell to pick man.  I am intrigued to see if it goes the full 12 rounds.
  2. Winter is surely approaching and most of us tend to let our eating habits worsen from now until about March/April. If you know that your a natural gainer then I want you to employ new methods to your regular habits so you benefit from lean muscle mass instead of too much of a fat gain. In today’s blog I’m gonna give u a winter mass attack program, because we all know in the winter we get lazier and we eat and eat.  Well it’s cool to eat as long as u follow some half way decent nutrition guidelines and a strict weight program.  In the beginning of the workout I want u to warm up using between a 30-50 rep range, I know it sounds crazy but it builds lactic acid in your blood and gives u a distinguished pain tolerance which will help you get through those grueling reps at the end.  I want u to definitely incorporate the 3 main lifts: Squats, Deadlifts, and Bench Press.  In your working sets in the first 2 sets I want u to do 3-5 reps to incorporate strength and the last to sets between 6-8 reps to incorporate mass building.  U will be allowed to have a few cheat meals because some of the excess fat will help to spread the muscle.  I’ve listed a pretty healthy diet and one that’s not as healthy but in the end u will make your mass gains to the fullest.  Follow this program for 3-5 weeks, switch back to your old regimen for 2 weeks and then re-follow this program for another 3-5 weeks.  You’ll see your lean muscle mass, strength, and endurance increase by a fair amount by the end of this program.  Be sure to properly warm up with some stretching and necessary cardio.  I’ve include a meal plan that is similar to what a boxer would be consuming for fight prep.  Good training to all, and to all a good fight!!!

    Boxer meal plan

Breakfast • Oatmeal (1 cup) • 2 boiled eggs on wholemeal toast • or: 4 scrambled eggs (2 yolks) • No fruit juices, coffee or tea is good/green tea even better 10:30 am (1/2 meal)or ur first break • Ham/Tuna on crackers or grilled chicken/fish • Small serve rice or w/meal pasta 12:30 pm Lunch • 1 chicken breast/turkey breast or fish(tuna or chicken in a can) • 1/2 cup brown rice or have the chicken on wholemeal/tuna on crackers.. 2:30 pm (1/2 meal)snack • protein shake • or • can tuna or chicken 7:00 pm Dinner • Fish or chicken breast or steak



Winter Mass Plan

Meal 1
Wheat Toast
3 Boiled eggs
Turkey bacon
Protein shake
Meal 2
Wheat bread
3-5 Slices turkey breast
1 Green apple
Cottage cheese
Meal 3
Lean cut steak (at least 85% lean)
3 whole eggs
1 cup green beans
 1/2 cup rice
Meal 4
Protein shake
1 Green apple
Chicken breast
Meal 5
Grilled chicken breast
Italian dressing

Intake of more lean proteins, veggies and carbs will guarantee an increase in size and strength. Also your workout needs a variety of mass building in a kind of BFS training similar


  Med ball push up


   Spiderman push up


    Power/clap push ups


     Incline dumbbell


      Inline dumbbell flies


       One leg stair raises


        Box jumps


         Seated calf raise


          Lying leg curl


           Pull ups





             Barbell rows




               Leg press


                Jump Squats

Functional Flexing

Arm Circles

Arm swing

Walking Lunge

Running butt kick

Lying Scorpion





Incline Dumbell press/ dumbell flies 3 5ea
Med ball push ups 2 8
Power/clap push ups 2 6-8
CALVES 3 15, 15, 20
One leg stair raises 3 10
Box jumps 3 20, 5jumps
Seated calf raise/depth jumps
Lying leg curls 15
Standing Leg curls 3 20
Ham Bridges 3 5
Front Squats 2 5
Inverted Rows/pull ups 3 8, 3
Deadlifts 3 8
Barbell rows 3 12
Dumbell power rows 3 6
Squats 3 10
Leg press 3 5
Jump squats 3 8
Cloes grip bench press 3 8
Rope pushdowns 3 12
One arm extensions 3 10
Power Diamond push ups 2 8
Seated barbell curls 3 6
Standing Dumbell curls 3 12
Hammer curls 3 10
Smith machine throw curls 3 8
Power shrugs
Military press
Med ball push up
 Oblique crunch

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