Backpain, Migraines & Love LMFAO

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The sweet women I’ve known.  When I was younger and goofier I ran into some beautiful crushes along the way.  Every last one of these women were strong women of color with hips, ass the whole nine lol.  But there was something particular about theses specific women’s hearts.  At this point in my life I was a sports fanatic and some of my favorite pass-times was playing ball with my dogs lol.  It didn’t matter whether it be football, basketball, baseball, or even soccer. Sophomore year at Wilcox (Meriden, CT) there was where I met someone through my Boys Club travel team coaches a pretty girl who I had to see smile, so I would sneak by her shop and steal myself a glimpse of this sweet girl.  Her name was Jennifer and she was a thick voluptuous thing.  Her eyes, her way, and her style kept me intrigued.  I remember that chick had this big ass boyfriend named Derrick and I thought that fool was gonna devour my soul because I wanted his girl.  Derrick was about 6’1 270lbs solid football muscle, and I would’ve whipped that fool’s ass lmao.  For some reason Derrick actually allowed me to buy flowers and happy ass stuff to give to Jen at times, and whatever gift I bought Jennifer I would hide in this little cut just to see her face when she seen the flowers and she always let out the biggest smile and blush.  I remember I used to send her music and the song “Only You remix” I dedicated to her and all her friends named that “Carl N Jennifer’s Song” lol. At moments like those I knew I did something right in life, as long as that pretty girl smiled for me I was ok.  She ended up getting married and had a family, that bastard lol!  She did good for herself in life and is the mother of 2 beautiful children and I’m happy I know that she’s happy in life.     As I got older I swore I would never have a crush anything like that again.  WRONG!!!  At the time I just was introduced to bodybuilding and power lifting, I used to train at Armstrong Gym in West Haven, CT and it was in an industrial park by a main street.  I happen to be shooting pool with my boy Rich at his job Chicago Billiards around the corner from the gym (West Haven, CT), and in walks this tall gorgeous girl named Lanette.  Lanette was this sweet latin girl with a big ol booty too lol and a big ol heart.  She was tall about 6’0, curvy with it and thick with full thighs and hamstrings that carried that beautiful frame and a smile to die for with full powdy lips to go with it!  The messed up thing is that I was scared as hell of Lanette but she ended being one of the nicest people I ever encountered in life, she was a beautiful girl with a beautiful soul.  I used to anticipate seeing her every Friday night, sometimes I would watch the movie New Jersey Dr, well because I loved the movie and the first time I saw it, later that night I saw her.  Lanette ended up being one of the most descent, pleasant and curtious human beings ever put on earth and I was scared of that sweet girl lol.  But she intrigued me and my soul.  She was so sweet that she would turn her car around wherever she was if she seen me walking (even if I didn’t see her) and take me wherever I had to go.  I’m proud to say Lanette went on to become a top health professional in the Allied Health field and is married with 2 beautiful kids as well and the girl is happy and content.     When I was about 25 I used to go down to the Yale practice field and do some strength & conditioning and sometimes the students that worked for club promoters handed out flyers and VIP passes.  I was at a night club (Van Dome) with my boys and I remember the song Yo by Chris Brown was playing and one of the damn lights blinded my eyes and I ended up catching a glimpse of this pretty soul.  In my heart I saw her.  She was a famous DJ and club promoter.  I would do anything for that strong hearted sister to smile at me.  She had the prettiest and most lady like way about her.  She had this gazing way about her, and she stood out from the rest of the girls in an independent type of way.  Her smile was a sight to see, nice pretty full big ass pearly white teeth with thin but full lips that edged perfectly with that smile, very kissable lips.  Remember all this talk about hips and ass I was talking earlier well I was so caught up with her smile that a couple of weeks later I seen the rest of her and DAMN!!!  LOL I was thinking u black perverted bastard u just now seeing all that, and at that moment I knew I would have a puppy dog crush and it kept me intrigued.  I used to bother that poor lady so much but she was always extra sweet to me even though I was bothering her at work lmao.  DJ X (lets call her) was kind hearted to me and she never knew but my best friend overdosed on heroin around that time.  My soul changed forever and the feel of humanity changed in me, I didn’t wanna know nothing because I was in my own messed up world, so I said goodbye to the pretty smile in my own fucked up way.  I walked up to the bar by the DJ booth and fell back a little bit just to see what she would do, and in her own way she came to me and walked up to that glass covering the booth and gave me my smile for the last time.  The other promoters in the booth were looking at her like she was crazy but she didn’t seem to care and was just smiling, so I knodded my head upwards at her let out a small smirk turned, walked away and never looked back.  I had to say goodbye to the pretty girl because my head was messed up and I had to go.  I’m not too sure if DJ X has a family because she’s very private and keeps her personal to herself but I’m SURE somebody snatched up that pretty and talented girl and is somewhere rubbing her feet right dam now.  I hope with all my heart that you have found love and joy like no other sweet girl, you kept me intrigued!       This last girl I hope to make my girl, maybe even my wife.  The time in life I’m currently at I frequently mix my training, and like a lot of explosive and core strengthening movement.  I was researching Lupus (I have Lupus) and I came across a big Lupus advocate and I started looking at all her fine ass friends social media pages.  One of the social media pages really stood out from the rest, and I couldn’t stop looking at this poor girl’s page well until she blocked me lol.  She was a very ambitious thing.  She accomplished RD (registered dietician) and had a degree in Exercise Science.  When she unblocked me from her social media I started watching her training videos and this beautiful creature turned to ugly beast.  She herself likes a lot of different core strengthening and explosive training, and she’s really beautiful!  My black ass asked her for an interview and I thought in mind “I’m gonna make this fine woman the cover girl for the Elite Athlete lol”.  When I contacted her she was very prompt in response time and I found out that she was Christian and very involved in the church.  I liked that and it has me intrigued.  Everything in my life has gone better since the moment I contacted this girl and here’s a short list: (Lupus seizures) No head trauma, clearer thought, move smoothly through sentences and I make sense again, brain has quicker response time, no backpain, no hamstring tenderness, just no pain period The Elite Athlete grows at a minimum of 185 new members a week, since meeting her in that first week the sit grew over 3k, second week 4k. Who are you sweet girl?  I have to feel out your soul a bit more but you got me twisted and u don’t even know it.  You’re a good person just to be a good person for no good reason, and I love your style as well as your smile.  I wanna know u and your life, I wanna rock with u and just chill along as its together.  I have ambitions too and life sure has been better with u around.  I see how u are with little kids and u respect your elders, I like that too.  You open your heart to strangers just because someone might need a ear and prayer and you actually do it with passion.  Im not sure if your in love though but I intend on finding out.  I made an 8 week program for all these goofy folks to mix up and I was wondering if u wanna do the nutrition content?  See u soon and be safe, I really love the person YOU ARE…  Good training to all, and to all a good fight!!!   MIXED UP CIRCUITS & STRENGTH GOOFY TRAINING PROGRAM WEEKS 1-3 EXERCISE SETS REPS BACK Pull up 3 max Deadlifts 3 10,8,6 Romanian Deadlift 3 12 SHOULDERS Standing dumbell press 3 10 Lateral raise 3 12 Shrugs 2 5 EXERCISE SETS REPS *TRICEPS Narrow grip weighted pushups 3 6-8 Close Grip Bench 1rm/ 3 6-8 push ups burn out Smith machine floor lockouts/ 3 6-8, 12 Tricep rope extensions 3 10 BICEPS Seated dumbell curls 3 10 HIT barbell curls 3 6-8 Seated Barbell Partials 3 6-8 *CONDITIONING Shuttle run Vertical Jump Leg press lineman drill Catch and drop Punching bag tackle EXERCISE SETS EXERCISE SETS REPS *HAMSTRINGS Frog squats 3 15-20 Ham-Glute raise 3 20 Leg Press 3 20 *CONDITIONING Shuttle run Vertical Jump Leg press lineman drill Catch and drop Punching bag tackle EXERCISE SETS REPS *QUADS Back squats 3 15-20 Front squats 3 8-10 Leg Press 3 20 *CONDITIONING Shuttle run Vertical Jump Leg press lineman drill Catch and drop Punching bag tackle WEEKS 4-8 (in circuit training form 3-5 rounds) EXERCISE SETS REPS Medicine Ball Slams 3 8 Medicine Ball Planks 3 30 seconds Tire Flips 3 5 Medicine Ball Side Toss 3 10 each side Sledge Hammer Tire Drills 3 10 each side Kettle Bell Swings 3 10 Burpees 3 10 Deadlift 3 6-8 Squats 3 10-12 Bench press 3 6-8

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