Ambition & Past Recognition!!!

Mar 22, 2016 | | 1 comment

 Soul searching

Recently I have been brought back to a time in life which I thought that I could never remember and feel with all my soul again.  It’s funny how life happens and we keep living but it’s rare that we re-live the moment.  As I was sleeping I saw a familiar face in which I thought I never see again except in pictures and on facebook .  The future is calling me and spirits are speaking to my soul, but I have to be strong period.  I refuse to continuously go into situations weak!  I must become the strongest of the strong because I’m not only fighting for me but there is a nation of souls that I’m fighting for.  I will be prepared for combat and battle any flesh, soul, force or got damn crew that comes to battle me.  Life really can be funny, and u know what, I am truly grateful to God for bringing me back to your soul and to that time in life.  I never forgot u kid but I didn’t re-live the moments especially like it’s been for this past month and I love every minute of it my brother, only heaven can keep us apart and of u know I’ll walk through hell with u kid!!!  Lets say I WILL NOT continue to do impurites to my body, I WILL NOT tell my sorrows to the bottle, I WILL NOT act like a punk bitch and I WILL DEAL WITH LIFE LIKE A MAN!!!  I WILL be the strongest of the strong, I WILL be the greatest sports/sports med advocate to ever touch a pen to paper, I WILL fight for both of us, and I WILL be the victor!!!  I WILL do this damn circuit for strength and peace of mind.

I want u to do these exercises in circuit form, u can also add a specific body part for each new training day, like today is chest and core so I’ll add tri sets to the regimen.  Good training to all, and to all a good fight!!!


(Using between 85-90% of 1rm, 3sets, 3reps)

Deadlifts  3
Front Squats  3
Pullup/Chinup Failure or 3-5




   Front Squat


    Pull up

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