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 The product pictured is from It Works! Independent Distributers.  The Body Applicator Wrap has natural botanicals that work their magic by removing toxins from the area you wrap and is absolutely effective especially for the person who does hundreds of crunches but still are not getting those defining cuts that they desire. The Body Applicator can be used anywhere from the neck down for a minimum of 45 minutes.  The product was introduced to me by a former classmate of mine Mrs. Alicia Johnson.  I want u to incorporate this into your lifestyle, it is not designed to workout with so get that one out of your head lol, but it will give you the results you want.  Check out before and after pics on Mrs. Johnson Facebook page, very impressive results even for the everday person.  It is best when used after someone takes a hot shower because it opens the pours. The area has to be cleaned with a non moisturizing soap and no lotions applied to the area.

In todays blog I’m gonna give u a core workout that expanded my strength, athletic ability and agility.  When I was a teenager my friends and I used to play football at Painters Park in West Haven, CT.  After we played our pick up games usually we would watch West Haven High practice.  I remember some of the players were not in the immediate pack but off to the side working with special coaches.  Like one kid was always doing a drill that looked like basketball suicides (shuttle runs) where he was running back and forth in an almost side like motion from one line to the next but the exercise was in a fast twitching explosive motion.  One dude was always doing stairs with a weighted conditioning vest and different variations of crunches and sit-ups.  But the guy I remember the most (because I was a fat kid lol) was this heavy set guy working on coming up faster off the line and running dudes over.  As a lil fat bastard I loved what I saw, absolute physical dominance buy a big man (and Notorious Big was just coming up).  I remember asking the coaches what were some of those drills for and he explained that the exercise were necessary  for each player to be effective in their positions and it added to their strength and conditioning off the play.  I then realized I needed more core strength and agility so I started doing more core based and explosive exercises.  Having a strong core and strong mentality have built this soldier and has prepped me for battle so my friends; Good training to all, and to all a good fight!!! 


  Alternating dumbbell press off swiss ball


   Clean Press

    Box Jumps

     Medicine ball planks

      Jump squats



Alternating dumbell press 3 10 each
Clean press 3 10
Box jumps 3 10
Medicine ball planks 3 30 seconds
Jump squats 3 10
Deadlifts 3 10


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